Olympia Family Photographer Stephanie Johnson – Vibrant Lens Photography | Kathryn & Daniel’s Family Session

Kathryn and Daniel’s family session at Speelyi Beach in Cle Elum was one of the most calm family sessions I’ve had the pleasure of photographing as a family photographer in Olympia, WA. Every year Kathryn, her family and I travel to beautiful, unique locations for a fresh new look. It’s always exciting to shoot in a location I’ve never shot in before.

In true 2020 fashion, instead of having a nice summer day, we ended up with wildfires, smoke & wind.  Even with all the smoke that filled the sky, Kathryn and Daniel were so relaxed. Little did Kathryn know, her warm color scheme would end up being that magical touch to complement the smoke that filled the air. I can’t wait to see what we do for 2021!


Morgan + Conner July, 18, 2020 Wedding

Morgan and Conner’s wedding day was nothing short of magical! The bride and groom were surrounded with love and supportive energy from their loving family.

 Due to Covid19, they had to scale back their wedding plans and do something a little more intimate. Morgan and Conner’s wedding was beautiful! Next year, the bride and groom plan to share another celebration with more family and friends. 🙂 Morgan’s parent’s property was simply a beautiful location for a Chehalis, backyard wedding. All the greenery we were surrounded in added that whimsical touch to the overall feel of the day.

Shoutout to all of the amazing vendors that contributed to making this such a special day for two special people. <3

Venue: Chehalis backyard – Bride’s Mom 

Photographer: Me! Stephanie Johnson – Vibrant Lens Photography

Florals: Moments 4 Flowers, Olympia by: Heidi Fitzgerald

Hair: Kendra at Dirty Blonde Salon in Rochester

Makeup: Bride

Catering: Jeremy’s Farm to Table in Chehalis

Cake/Desserts: Gotti Bakery, Olympia

Dress: David’s Bridal

Tux: Men’s Wearhouse

45 and Fabulous – Olympia portrait photographer

As women, society puts so much pressure on us about body image and aging. Women not only face pressures of being career women and raising a family, but we also have pressures of maintaining our youthful looks of our 20’s. As aging women we are constantly pressured with ads and media to get botox, plastic surgery, and the latest slimming diet pill. It is no wonder that when we hit our 40’s we’re questioning and doubting ourselves whether we could be better, thinner, more youthful, prettier, etc.

Getting older should be a celebration! A celebration of surviving all life’s pressures thrown at us thus far. When we look at ourselves in the mirror we should not be wishing we looked like we did in our 20’s. We are women at nearly 40, not little girls anymore. A sense of maturity comes with that. We should embrace it! Be proud of it! We’ve earned it!

When Mia inquired about doing a celebration session with me for her 45th birthday I was ecstatic!

Mia is a mother, nurse and teacher. She gives daily to others. So I made it my goal to give back to her by showcasing her beauty, her spunk and elegance of aging through my photo session with her! I enjoyed this shoot so much! For anyone interested in celebrating your age, please feel free to contact me!

Thank you Mia for inspiring not only me but other women to embrace their age and to have fun doing so!

Thank you 2019 Clients

This post is for all my 2019 clients!

I can not begin to explain how thankful I am for each and every one of you. In 2012 I started Vibrant Lens Photography and never thought or dreamed that it would still be going strong into 2020.

Many of you have been with me since the beginning! I can not thank you enough for trusting, growing and supporting me along my journey as a photographer! 2019 was one of the best years I’ve had. Not only did i work with returning clients but I connected with many new couples and families in ways I have not before. I pushed myself and honed in on photography skills that I never thought I would understand… let alone be able to do.

I look forward to continuing to grow and capture your many amazing moments in 2020! Here is a look back at some of my favorite moments of 2019! Cheers to looking forward to another great year!


Halloween was pretty much amazing this year! I’m a huge fan of lots of activities for the kids around the holidays. We were lucky enough to share all the fun with family friends. My boys and their girls have gotten real close over the years!

How do you keep 5 kids ranging from age 2-8 busy?! Well, this year we entertained them with lots of hands on activities like Carmel Apples, Decorations, Pumpkin Patch, Pumpkin Carving and, of course, Trick or Treating!

Just an overall great month! Take a look at all the fun we had! Feel free to leave a comment and let me know which photo was your favorite!  If you’d like to see the boy’s pumpkins visit Liberty’s blog post here: http://www.libertykifer.com/journal/ she’s also a photographer and got some really awesome shots of all the kids!



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