Olympia Portrait Photography – Brittney

I was ecstatic when my amazing hairstylist told me she wanted head-shots to celebrate her 2nd year in business. I have photographed Brittney’s beautiful family many times. She is a strong, loyal and driven person. She’s an amazing mother to, two beautiful, smart and well-mannered girls and a wife who shares a beautiful love and friendship with her husband.

As a Shelton hairstylist, Brittney works hard to make every woman that sits in her chair feel and look their best. For Christmas I got my mother a full-service treatment from her. I can’t begin to explain the emotion my mother felt when she saw her hair for the first time. I can’t thank Brittney enough for that day. I highly recommend her for any hair services you may be interested in.

I knew when I photographed Brittney, I wanted all that she is to shine through. I was on a mission to have the world see the beautiful person I do.

With Brittney’s strong and driven personality, I told her to meet me in Downtown Olympia. Being an Olympia photographer, I knew the street art was perfect for that edgy and vibrant vibe I wanted to give to her photos. She totally rocked this with her fierce personality!

To showcase her Motherly side, I went for a softer look. As an Olympia photographer, I knew using the fresh and airy scenery that Port Plaza provides, combined with her elegance and beauty would be all that I was looking for.

Brittney was so confident and fun to work with during her Portrait Session and I truly think you can tell in her images.

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