Nina’s Milestone Shoot

When Molly contacted me for Nina’s 6 month photo shoot, I was overjoyed!

Meeting these two was even more exciting!

This little girl just sparkles with pure joy! Probably one of the happiest 6 month olds I’ve had the privilege to shoot with. The connection Molly has with her daughter is so heart felt! You can see the love poor out of Nina’s eyes as she gazes into her mother’s.  Her little feet squirmed with excitement as she took a break to enjoy a bottle. Molly gently soothed her with gentle touches and soft, whispers. Bringing Nina’s little excited self to an almost immediate calm state. No one soothes like a loving mother can!

Within the two, short and wonderful hours I spent with these two beauties, I witness many more magical moments like this one.

I feel so honored to have had the opportunity to share in this moment with them.

I look forward to future sessions with these two!

Thank you for hiring me Molly!